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Second 30 minute consolidation run

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I think today is going to be a good day..😊

Gorgeous blue sky but beautifully cool for an early morning run.. so after a lazy last few days, today we managed to get up and out on the old railway track by 6.30am.. We ran north to start with, accompanied by the occasional scent of honeysuckle, with a very slight up incline for the first half, making the return a tad easier.. And it is definitely getting a little bit easier, a little bit quicker, and I might even be starting to enjoy it..😊

To add to the joy today, one daughter is driving over for a socially distanced lunch and a natter in the garden.. it will be so good to see her in person instead of on a screen...😊

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Wonderful. Have a lovely family reunion ❀

Peggy63Graduate in reply to ChampGran

Thank you! So looking forward to it!😊


Enjoy your lunch meet up today! 😊

Peggy63Graduate in reply to pippkins

Thank you, I will..! 😊

Sounds like a great day! And like your your settling into a good pace with ur running πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š enjoy your lunch with ur daughter 😎🌞😊

Peggy63Graduate in reply to Shar71

Thanks Shar! Sitting in the garden with her now and we are off for a walk on the cliffs before lunch, so the dog is having a great day too..! 😊


Wonderful on all counts!! Enjoy the time with your daughter xx

Peggy63Graduate in reply to Taragreen01

Thank you Tara.. I did indeed..😊


Sounds like a perfect Sunday! Enjoy

Peggy63Graduate in reply to Chocs_away

Thank you Chocs.. it has been a perfect day..😊


Great run Peggy - sounds like you're on a roll! Lovely to see family even if so ially distanced. I had socially distant picnic in the park yesterday with my daughter and her partner. It was absolute bliss although i got scorched by the sun. We didn't realise how long we were out!

Peggy63Graduate in reply to Fionamags

Similarly perfect day here.. and I’ve caught the sun too.. just red on one carelessly exposed shoulder.. 😊..this current situation has been good in a way by making us value all these special moments so much..😊


I agree, It was a good morning for a run . I left at 7am and it was already at creeping up to 15. Not good for me :(

I managed my 5K maintenance run.

I’m sure we’re all looking forwards to a Parkrun - even if it’s just to prove this programme really does work , no matter how old you are , how fat or thin , health issues, bad knees or feet - we adjust to our needs and all make it in the end. :)

Runners we are :) 🌟

Ahhh congratulations on graduation! And I hope you had a lovely family day πŸ’“πŸ’“(albeit SD)

Peggy63Graduate in reply to OldSpeckledHen

Thank you OSH.. we did..!.😊

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