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I've served my time, now I'm back on the streets....well treadmill ;)

Following my two week penance given by my doc and having taken all my meds for my asthma, I finally got back to running last week. As the cold air is still a trigger I am back to the good old treadmill.

I decided to re-do wk 7 to give my lungs and legs the chance to strengthen. It has been the same as always, hard but possible. A bit of cement legs and exploding lungs here and there lol. On the upside I am now on the same week as my other half, who started after me so we will graduate lovely!

I mentioned in my other post that I have agreed to train for the cardiff half marathon. If all goes well and I stay injury free and on schedule I know I can do it. Meanwhile.....back at the ranch ;) I am getting ready for a 10k in March. Whilst I cannot start the physical prep until graduation, I have certainly begun the mental side of things as I think aside from turning up and running 3 days a week and keeping moving things along (same as c25k), the hardest thing will be the mental barrier. I am already beginning to feel more confident in myself as I am not worried about time and am happy to put in the effort so I figure I can do it!

Wk 8 here I come :)

Wishing you all success

Jems x

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Best of luck to you, sounds like a challenge but you now have a goal, keep at it and you will be fine, just look after that asthma, I know how you feel on that one

Good look and let us know how your getting on



Thanks James, all I can do is my best and whatever I achieve it will be more than I was doing last year so That's an improvement! The 10k is early march so will have to get my skates on so to speak lol.

You are right about the asthma it is less of a pain if it is well looked after.



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