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So how does one graduate?

I started c25k with Laura back in June2012 and completed my first official 5 k at the end of August in 29 mins and some seconds (have conveniently forgotten the seconds as prefer to focus on the 29 mins!!) I,ve continued running doing an 8 k in October and hope to complete a 10k at the end of January. I cannot imagine not running now. Yes it is still hard at times ,I'm not a natural athlete with a built that is short and definetly roundy yet nothing touches that feeling of going forward under your own steam with wind or rain in your hair, feeling you could run the world.!!

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All you need to do is to complete the 9 week programme - which you obviously have - and send a message to JR21 saying you've completed and he will give you your shiny green grad badge :)

Good luck with the 10k and let us know how you get on!


Thanks Fraz23 - that simple ! - will get to straight away. I'm finding the 5k plus podcasts from Laura really useful. have to say yes would love to complete the 10 k in a reasonable time but my goal truly is to continue running injury free - have had dodgy knees & ankles when upping the distance from 5k onwards so will be keeping the faith with Laura's training tips & stretching post runs. It is such a joy to be fit again, I'm a much more chilled person when I run - Thanks again


How does one graduate c25 k? With joy and a huge sense of achievement in my case ;-)


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