For those who found C25k tough going, how long did it take after graduation before you found it comfortable running for 30 minutes?

I'm getting ahead of myself here as I'm one run from Week 4 but I am curious. I know some will have found the programme easier than others but I suspect I am going to find every stage difficult so am keen to get some ball park for when I'm actually going to be able to go out for a run without feeling I'm about to die at the end of it?


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8 Replies

  • Just about a month later I was feeling ok with 30 mins.

  • A couple or 3 weeks! Just be aware of losing your motivation once you achieved your first goal, it is important to keep going! I now aim to run about an hour 4 x a week, c25k was such a great starting block.

  • I am on week 11,I ran for 30 mins quite comfortably today but only covered 3.7k. Last Sunday i ran in a park with lots of inclines which I can't manage yet and had to wall for 2 mins in the middle as my legs were feeling heavy. As others have posted, there are good and bad runs and gradually I hope to have more good ones. Stillcan't decide whether to increase my time to achieve 5k or justhope I will speed up as I get fitter.

  • I graduated about 6 weeks ago, I am now running 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. I wouldn't say it's easy going, but I can do it and my stamina is increasing all the time and I am gradually getting faster. I hadn't run for 20+ years when I started C25K so I am very happy that I can now run for 30 minutes. When I first graduated I was doing 8/9 minute Kilometers and now my average is 7.5 minute Kilometers, so I am hardly a speed queen but slowly and surely I am getting better. I still can't actually believe that I can run for 30 minutes, each time I complete a run I can't quite believe it. And if it helps, I don't feel like I am going to die at the end of it like I did in the first 4 weeks. In fact for me the first few weeks were the worst, it actually got easier as the runs got longer.

  • I run comfortably for 30 minutes but am no way near 5K!

  • Thanks guys, useful replies.

  • I managed the the 5K in the 30 minutes at graduation and average about that now but as elizadolots points out losing motivation to complete the program is easy to do.

    I've found the last week or so hard going with goos runs and a truely awful one but on the whole i think i'm still progressing.

    I've just signed up for a 10K so that'll give me a shove in the right direction!

  • I'm about to do week 9 - and although it's not easy I know it will be manageable. I hadn't run in the 30 years since leaving school - so was quite anxious about whether I could manage it. I've repeated some weeks if I found them hard going to build stamina and confidence. The last couple of weeks I've made sure the last run is at a weekend when I'm more rested soi've felt able to run on for a couple of minutes over time. It's helped mentally to know I can virtually step up to the following week. I roughly mapped my run yesterday and managed about 4.6k. I'm hoping that maybe a month after graduation I might find 30 mins almost enjoyable! I've signed up for a 5k in march so I don't slack off.

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