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How to run

After graduating, I put down a few thoughts to encourage people (colleagues) who may be considering a plan like C25K. Would be interested in comments, thoughts, additions.

1.Starting: The decision is the hardest part. Once you are out the door, you won’t regret it.

2.Fear of failure: You are doing this for yourself. Set realistic goals and you will succeed.

3.Fear of ridicule: 9 out of 10 people will support and encourage you. Ignore the other one.

4.Shoes: Run 400m in your regular trainers. Buy some running shoes. Run 400m in those.

5.Gear: Wear what makes you comfortable. If it’s dark, wear something reflective.

6.Music: Use playlists, but not all the time. Listen to the birds, the breeze, your breathing.

7.Time: Schedule your runs in your diary. Find a time of day and routine that works for you.

8.Goals: Plan your routes, vary them. Stamina is more important than speed and distance.

9.Tips: Read blogs and websites on running to pick up tips. Talk to other runners.

10.Records: Keep a log to track your progress. Follow a plan such as C25K.

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Excellent! The ten commandments of running, i agree with them completely.

Ed x


All excellent bits of advice! I would add to make sure you do some basic leg stretches before going out and after the run, especially once the runs start getting longer. Certainly helps me to do them as well as the 5 min warm up and warm down walks


There's a video somewhere where a sports doc says 'If you're running, you should be doing leg strengthening ex's as well as stretching' and I think this is especially important for people who start the programme after - ahem - years of non-sportiness, and most especially for us ladies whose legs are apparently designed slightly differently to the guys'.

I reckon if I'd done that I'd have had a whole lot less aggro with my knees.


Excellent Genevan! yes the vid is on YouTube. I watched it to get the exercises for my poorly knee. if you google exercise for runners you will find the link. American guy-very good!

If I had seen this before I think my knee would have recovered sooner. i could not have avoided the injury, as caused by a dog rushing me as I went up and incline, and turning away and side stepping, leaving my knee twisted and behind in its original position.

Colette x


Thanks for all the replies. Pearsey, that sounds painful!

On stretching, I asked a family member who does sports physio for a living. They told me that a year ago the advice would have been "absolutely yes, stretches are essential," but new research is now casting doubt on the value-add of stretching. Apparently there is little if any evidence to show stretching reduces injuries. So it seems the professional debate continues, much to the confusion of the rest of us.

I have to confess I only do the odd calf stretch after a long run, and only when I remember before jumping in the shower! I always do warm up and warm down walks, though, and my relative told me that is absolutely critical, especially the warm up walk to ensure the muscles, erm, warm up:)


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