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Legs like icicles

Minus 2 to minus 4 this am - found me hopping round the kitchen saying I'll go out in a minute. After 20 minutes of that there was nothing for it but to open the front door and feel the freezing blast of air.

But oh the winter wonderland outside - sugar dusting of frost on every tree and shrub, frozen pond in the park, and pedestrians on the pavements shuffling past in what seemed like astonishing amounts of clothes.

Week 8 first run and it felt harder in the cold. I'm wondering how I can keep my legs warmer. By the end I'd peeled off the fleece to wrap round my waist, but my legs still felt frozen. Maybe I need another layer of long shorts or something. It's not as though they haven't got their own substantial layer of natural insulation - but it's getting nippy out there to say the least..

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Hi birdy. I normally wear running tights if its just chilly but when its

very cold i wear trakkie bottoms. Its surprising how cold you can get

even running and its not good to be uncomfortable, Ed.


I've been wearing two pairs of leggings which works quite well, but even so I didn't really warm up as much as I usually do when I was running on Monday. I think it's going to be thermals & trackies tomorrow!


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