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Good by running

It is with regret that I have to say goodbye to running.

Unfortunately I have been suffering from excruciating pain in both my knees.

I was off for two weeks because of a bad cold and after a few anti-inflammatory my knees went better but last week, when I went back to my run (started with a light jog) my knees started hurting again. That is not good as I cannot do the stairs and not even bending my knees so, at nearly 2 months from my ½ marathon I will have to say goodbye to what gave me so much happiness and freedom.

I will switch to cycling so Saturday I am off buying myself a race bike. I used to ride a bike when I was teenager…. It will be like a return to my youth!

It was very nice to meet you all and I thank you for the support I received during the tough times!


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Sad to hear this Sonia, but it's great you're being so positive about getting back to cycling! Good luck. :)


Have you sought medical advice on this before you give up?


Im so sorry to hear this. I hope you get the same buzz from cycling.

good luck. shelley x


Ciao Sonia e un grande in bocca al lupo ;-)


Ciao Delia !

Grazie !!!!


Sorry to hear your troubles sonia. I hope you get on well with your new bike, stay safe out on the roads.


Have you been to see a proper sports physio? There's lots of reasons why your knees could be hurting. Have you had your gait analysed? It could be your shoes causing it. Go and see a physio before packing it in completely!


Hi Mark,

I had my gait analysed a couple of years ago and I am using a goos running shoes for pronate people. I was Ok until my running was just a pleasure but when I started taking it more seriously ( more km, improve speed and so on) for the training of the Dubai 2013 marathon, the knees gave up on me ! Even during the night, while in bed my left knee ( the worse one) is so painful !


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