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Week 5 Run 1...Again. Success!

Thank you so much for all of the pets and encouragements yesterday. I think that most of the problem yesterday was that I was in the wrong frame of mind. Instead of an early morning run, I tried to do it on my lunch break on the track at work. I walk on that track all of the time, but I've never run it. I think I felt self conscious.

This morning, I started strong. I tried very hard to forget about time during the run. I just focused on breathing and heel-toe running. I tried to keep a steady rhythm. My halftime reminder came as a surprise. I really feel like I'm ready for 8 minutes next time. Wish me luck.

Again, I'm so thankful for all of the encouragement from yesterday. I stole "strong legs." I'll give give it back when I'm finished with it. :)



PS: @5AM, I'll see you in the morning for an alternate day walk.

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hee-hee - don't give the legs back - keep running with them and get them stronger. And stop the heel-toe running. Seriously - run strong, but run light landing underneath your body on your mid or fore-foot.

You don't need luck - you're doing great. Sometimes you'll be in the wrong frame of mind, but like you've proved as soon as you get back out the next day it can be a whole different experience.


I knew you would, well done to you. Agree with Vivwestie about the heel-toe running, I know Laura says to do this but it does jolt your joints more and can cause more injuries.

Fantastic running, Good Luck with the 8 minutes running you will be fine :-)


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