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Beautiful run on Brighton seafront this morning

After raving about my treadmill about a week ago the second time I plugged it in it went bang !!!!! Obviously, I was not happy and have been waiting for someone to come out and repair it since.

I have however been to Brighton for the weekend (girly weekend - shopping), my plan was to get up on Saturday morning and run along the seafront but I didn't sleep that well and decided to stay in bed. So this morning I again planned to go for a run, I woke up at 7.30 quick cup of tea and then slipped out of the B & B at 8. Got to the seafront sun was shining and it was a beautiful crisp Autumn morning. Lots of joggers, cyclists and people just walking along the seafront. It was lovely and did the 35 min stamina podcast, felt invigorated and so glad I had bothered to get out of bed. I then treated myself to a full english breakfast - but I felt I deserved it.

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Well done you! Just think if you'd gone later you might have got swept along with the Brighton 10K (not sure what the route was but would assume sea front somewhere).


Yes saw them getting everything ready for it.


Sounds like an idilic Sunday :-)


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