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Muddy hilly charity run - best fun possible whilst still clothed?

Muddy hilly charity run - best fun possible whilst still clothed?

Just back from doing this Brilliant cause.

My sister didn't come with me as she was roped into doing a cross country race by our running group last minute. I nearly didn't go myself, nearly chickened out, using the start of a cold as an excuse, then I also slept late and then got a bit lost driving there :-(

I was quite nervous as its known to be a toughie. But had a lovely friendly welcome at race HQ. Only 60 runners (mostly "proper" ones!) due to the call of the local cross country league.

The first 2.5 miles are a 900ft climb on a quiet lane. I started at the back (the only people behind me were a young man and Sian the "sweeper fairy"! )

I managed to run for the first mile even though it was steep, keeping pace with a very nice young man who said he was quite new to running too. Even managed to chat (till it got steeper). I then decided to walk and he carried on running but we were going the same pace! I then managed to break into a slow run near the top.

The weather was perfect, cold, bright and no wind and the scenery was stunning so that all helped. There were also lots of marshalls who were very encouraging. And at mile 3 water and jelly babies!

WE then went off road, undulating round a wind farm. You had to really concentrate where you were running because it was uneven and then muddy and very very wet, but it It was hard concentrating cos the views were so beautiful!.

I loved this bit! Talk about rediscovering one's inner child! At one point I ran into a puddle in realised too late it was up to my knees! Bit of a vicar of Dibley moment!

Then about a mile of descent, mostly on concrete (a road they had put down only to install the wind farm), and I found this bit quite hard on the legs

I think I might have come in last but two, but there were at least 2 people who dropped out in the first 2 miles so I am very proud of myself and also really pleased with my time given the terrain.

It was such a friendly event, I wasnt on my own for 1 minute once I registered, really encouraging lovely people.

Definitely going back next year!

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Sounds like a great run Andrea. I think that the marshals / organisers make such a difference to an event. Love that we are all planning on doing things next year....we have the bug!!!, :).


Brilliant Andrea! Bet you are glad you didnt chicken out?! Not sure if this is my sort of thing but it sounds real fun! Just wish I had some beautiful countryside to run in.....

Sue x


You have Sue....come out towards Orpington and try High Elms country park it's fab and lots of country lanes /fields nearby


I will check it out Ali! I dont know out that way so well but I will take a drive there at the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion! S


That sounds wonderful - well done :-)


Well done Andrea. It sounds like you had a fabulous run and I'm so glad you posted about it. Posts like yours remind me of what running is all about and really are inspiring. :) It sounds like a run I could aspire to for next year. ;)


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