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Am I doing enough to gain muscle?

For the past few weeks my weight has gone up and down by the same 2 to 2.5lbs. This week I lost 2lbs and am back to having lost just over 28.5lbs but cannot seem to shift any more. I try and eat sensibily and swim, do group cycling, zumba plus my 3 C25k sessions a week but this doesnt seem to make any difference to my weight - am I doing enough to gain muscle or is it a case of eating more because I think I can exercise it off?

Was seriously thinking about packing ww in and concentrating on eating just to fuel my exercise. Last week my leader asked me to track what I ate but didnjt ask to see it when I lost weight thank goodness. as I find i eat more if I have to track - know this sounds odd but its true for me anyway.

Sorry for the long additional info.

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Hi ebony2012,

I'm not sure if your question is more about wanting to gain muscle and thinking you perhaps haven't, or about losing weight. Either way, if you type "weight loss" or "muscle gain" or similar terms into the search box at the top right of the page, you'll find loads of help and advice from people who've been feeling the same frustration as you.

If it helps, I find I eat much more now that I'm running 3 times per week. Also, it's that time of the year when our bodies are drawn to carb-heavy meals, so it could be that too.

You're doing great; hope you get some answers / advice to help you.


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