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First Parkrun!

Yay, I graduated some months back and have carried on running three times a week. I'd got my 5K time down to 24 Mins and 6 seconds and got my distance up to 10 Kms... but I finally decided to pop up to Plymouth this morning and run my first ever Parkrun....

Phew it was chilly, but dry, after much discussion (In my head) of what to wear, shall I stick on another layer?, or not?in the end I didn't.. At the start I felt I should start somewhere near the back of the field, which is what I did... then spent quite a while later on in the run trying to pass others.

The route was brill (Apart form one rather steep hill! oh and some mud..) It was great fun and having people cheering and clapping you on was great..

I finished in 26 mins 16 seconds, which I was quite chuffed with (About halfway down the field) - next time I think I can do slightly better... Anyway, I'd really recommend Parkruns, it's great to run with others.. and great to meet other runners - give it a go - you'll enjoy it..

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Great time, you're doing really well. Parkruns are great, I've done 3 so far, I've not been able to do one for 2 weeks, hopefully I'll be fit to do one next week.


The Park Run sounds great fun and congratulations on your time! I really envy you as I live in France and they don't have Park Runs here. I hope you carry on enjoying it!


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