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ran 7.5miles today :)

my long run is getting longer! last week I ran 5.5miles/67mins & was so pleased with that. this week I added a bit onto my route as I was feeling as if I could run forever. stopped at 7.5miles which took me almost to my front door. total time running 93mins. yep, 93mins without stopping at all. & the best bit is, my red face that I normally come home with has sorted itself out all by itself :) I cant believe I have no hot, red, sweaty face. mind you it was blowing a gale & rained intermittently whilst on my run. blissful...

I now feel as if my half marathon in march is doable, which is great.

but... yes, theres always a but, Ive got a blister on the inside of my heel so will give my legs & my feet a well-earned rest for an extra day & run again on wednesday.

feeling great & ready to party on my night out (if my blister will let me enjoy the experience)

happy running :) shelley ~X~

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It's a great feeling isn't it?

5K is really just the beginning. I can't believe the miles that I've been able to add on since graduating. A 10 mile run now is just a matter of when, not if, although I don't think about the M-word

Well done


fantastic feeling.

what about a little "m" like me?? doing mine for charity so cant get out of it now :)


I'm not sure how I could fit in the time, as it is I've been late for work twice already because I've been trying for that extra mile!


It took me 2 reads of your post to realise you were talking about 7.5 MILES and not Kms! That is one amazing achievement, congratulations! 93 minutes of running too - that's just crazy!!! Well done :)

My red blotchy face was gone today as well...replaced by a completely numb face from how cold it was! I'm guessing I should get used to the numbness if I want to run 3 time per week throughout the winter.

Congrats again, just brill! :)


thanks newbie. still on a high from my run & blister now dispersed back to where it came from. have you looked into the buff headwear thing. that might help with the face numbness, but we'll all look as if we're wearing balaclavas!

baseball cap for me. can look downwards & shield myself from the wind & rain :)


Wow, 7.5 miles is such an impressive distance, especially without breaks! I am toying with a 5 mile trail race tomorrow but strictly on the understanding that I will be doing it in run a bit, walk a bit style. It must feel wonderful to know you are know a genuine and accomplished ruuner!


good luck with your trail race. never done one of these but sounds like fun.

& thankyou. x


That was excellent and I bet you feel great. I managed a 7 mile run to on Friday ( longest run ever) , but I don't do hills so I walk up the steep ones. Not bad considering I think I qualfied in April and suffered injury August that saw me off running for 4 week.

I love the distance, not bothered about time yet!


wow, thats impressive as a recently qualified runner! doesnt time off make you even more determined :)

I have been incorporating hill runs or speed work into my weekly run. the hill work has definately made hills much more inviting. Ive found a hill that & run 3 or 4 lamp-posts high & I run up it & walk down it, repeating this til Ive had enough. has definately helped.

for the speed work I just run a mile as fast as I can (9mins51seconds so not that fast!) but am working on that, then get my breath back & jog til I reach 3miles on my garmin watch.

it really does make the longer runs easier. carolec suggested that you only do one or the other each week as both are too hard on the body.

good luck with your next milestone :)


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