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C25K with travel: progress during a "no travel" period

W6R1: after the 20 minute run this went quite well. As I am writing this a few days later I can’t remember much detail, other than it all seemed fine.

W6R2: another good run ... but will I miss the intervals? I think once I complete this programme I will look to do intervals again as it seems to work!

W6R3: Laura says do 25 minutes but the printed version of C25K I have says do 22. I aim for 22! So this is my second long run, but this time I feel it towards the end. Am not sure I could have gone for 3 more minutes! It is Sunday morning and the park and track are busy with runners who seem to be training for a race, including lots of young kids. One person is being paced by a cyclist and seems to do a loop of the track in no time, quite amazing to watch.

W7R1: Bye bye intervals, hello long runs! I make the mistake of doing this run in the afternoon as I had some early meetings at work. Lunch seems to sit heavy, and I give up after 23½ minutes. Still, that’s longer than I have ever run before. Lesson learned: I seem to do better in the mornings.

W7R2: 25 minutes non-stop running! Tried out my newly made running playlist, and the music definitely adds value. Endomondo tells me I did exactly 4km including the 5 minute walks either end.

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Well done, geneven. You're on track for graduation, no bother! Talking of intervals, I think 5k+ has a speed workout which includes interval training. I haven't mustered the confidence to try it yet but I've read that it's a bit brutal! Best wishes!


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