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Treadmills: manual VS motorized

Looking at a way to keep running this winter...we use to have a heavy and huge motorized treadmill which made a great clothes hanger other than it was so massive. :-) I came across the manuals...any input as far as one vs the other? Would a manual be much like when we run outdoors as far as giving the legs a better workout? Thank you so much for the input! :-) Gayle

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My experience with a manual one was that it was only good for walking, not running so sold it on. Now have a motorised one and I love it! :) I would definitely recommend a mortorized one, the one I have now is an Horizon, I did previously have a Reebok one that kept stopping which was annoying.

Why not have a wander down to a shop that sells treadmills and have a chat with the staff who will be able to give you advice?

Good luck!


I agree - motorised is definitely the way to go - you can then change the incline as you go, which makes for a more interesting & flexible running experience. I have a Reebok Z9 which is big, but it's stable & the deck's big enough that I won't fall off! I just love it. I would like one that patches into StreetView so you can run anywhere in the world, but that'll have to wait until I get an unexpected inheritance or something ..


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