Graduated! But wish I'd posted here first and not FaceBook

Hello amazing supportive community. Was so happy this morning to finish my final run with ease and say 'Ive finally done it'. It was a big achievement for me...I have used the plan to try and get my fitness back after developing ulcerative colitis two years ago. I've had a number of false-starts with this as the disease kept flaring up and I feel I've come a long way from being so tired I'd collapse after a days work to beig able to run 5k.

Putting it on Facebook has really just got sarcastic comments about how I 'should' be able to run 5k and now I feel quite embarrassed.

But I know on here we all know we are achieving big things, whichever week you are on or how far post-grad. I'm proud of all of us.


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28 Replies

  • Well done you!!! Fantastic, Brilliant, Amazing, Outstanding, Terrific......etc etc etc

  • Congratulations. There is always someone ready to rain on your parade - don't let them. Celebrate. We KNOW what an achievement graduating is and are always pleased when someone else makes it, especially when there are extra hurdles, such as less than perfect health etc, to overcome, Well Done You Blueskies99.

  • I'd like to know how many of your Facebook friends can run 5k - I'll bet it's not many! Well done and take no notice of anyone who tries to put you down, you've really achieved something!

  • Unfortunately rather a lot of them!

    Still...I'm happy and that's all that matters. Thanks for your supportive comments! :)

  • Well done Blueskies, you're amongst friends on here. Only if you're doing this programme or have done it can anyone truly appreciate the achievement.

    Congratulations on completing the programme.

  • Well done.

    Maybe you should challenge the facebook friends to run 5K, drag them along to your local Parkrun.

  • Well done & don't worry about any daft comments. Every one is different and no matter what anyone says you've taken on the challenge to improve your health and to do something that i think everyone on here would agree is a huge acheivement. To go from a non runner to running a full 5k is a great acheivement and in my opinion anyone who takes on a challenge to do something they couldn't previously, sticks to it and puts in the hard work to make it to their goal is an inspiration and should be proud of what they've acheived.

    Enjoy your graduation, you've earned it (o:

  • Congratulations fellow runner! So great to hear you've graduated despite your health issues. I agree with the others, ignore the comments - you didn't do this to get their good opinion. Like us,you did it to achieve something amazing for yourself, and here you are - a graduate who can run for 30 minutes. Well done, well done, you're fantastic!

  • Congratulations Blueskies! You've achieved great things :)

  • I agree with SarahP0003. I posted on facebook when I graduated, I was ecstatic at what I had achieved at 73 years old. Only one person commented and that was my daughter and she's on week 8 now Jlow. WELL DONE YOU. :-) Pat

  • CONGRATULATIONS! :-) Usually the people who "know it all" really are clueless to comprehending what you actually achieved. You know how FB has it where you can "poke" a person? I would love to be able to bulldoze a few of them over! ;-) WELL DONE! I want to see that pretty badge! :-)

  • Congratulations, have you requested your badge?

  • I have one friend who can run 5k in 18 minutes. Another woman I know often runs 11 miles uphill after work in 75 minutes, and both of them have been so supportive. When I complained to him that once I had been doing the same pace as someone strolling in front of me he said that it didn't matter because running is a completely different physical activity to walking.

    A couple of days ago I laid into someone who overheard me telling a friend how little distance I had covered in 28 minutes, when he told me that he wasnt being funny but people walk faster than I had run. People who can do it well know what it takes to run as hard as you can even if that means you don't do as fast as others. Some people need to disparage to make themselves feel better. Do what you do as well as you can and pity your friends who can't be human enough to share in your triumphs.

  • Well doen blueskies5 you are a Graduate! I don't think much of your "friends" on fb-their comments are so crass-maybe they're jealous that you got this far? I have friends on fb who have really encouraged me-not one sarky comment amongst them. At least you have us to put you back on your pedastal where you belong hon :-)

    Good luck-onwards and upwards from now on.


  • Yay, well done you! This is a much better community :)

  • Well done! I bet those comments on fb were made by people who can't run or do not understand the personal as well as physical journeys we make doing this programme - ignore them and stick around here :)

  • Brilliant work, well done on graduating!!!! They may be the ones who 'know' they can run 5k but we're the ones actually doing it. Keep at it. S x

  • That is such a good point! Yey! Well done us...the 'doers'!

  • Yey! Shiny badge!!!! Thank you :)

  • facebook is for couchers this is for runners. They talk the talk we run the run

  • well said! :-)

  • Brilliant comment x40aday! Love that.

    And not to put too fine a point on it, BlueSkies - F**k 'em!

  • congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself! :-) The keyboard is a funny thing, some people are just too detached from the people they are talking to when they use it and say things they wouldn't say to your face. It is their problem, not yours.

    Well done on your great achievement and your new shiny badge :-D

  • The race does not always go to the swift, but to the ones who keep running." – Anonymous

    Well done on your great achievement. We are all really proud of you!

  • "Mens sana in corpore sano" comes to mind - we're always saying here that C25K is about the mind as much as the body and frankly some of those mean-minded 'runners' (or non-runners) raining on your parade (what *are* they hoping to achieve???) are a long, long, long way off graduating as well-rounded decent human beings.

    Ulcerative colitis is a horrible illness and terribly draining. This is a stellar achievement, well done.

  • Everyone here has said it all, but here's one more word for you...... STAR :) That's what you are. Congratulations on graduating :)

  • There are plenty of people out there who can run 5k much quicker than me. But not in my body they couldn't! Everyone is different, so sod 'em and feel proud of yourself. We all feel proud of you too!

  • So many great points made in this thread. Don't let ANYONE on Facebook (or anywhere else) steel your personal glory. You've done brilliantly, there are always 'haters' and they are the ones with the problem, not you. I suggest you surround yourself with positive people who make you feel great and run 5k away from those that put you down (they sound awful!!)

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