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Injury woes

Having hurt my ankle at the weekend and trying to be really good I decided no running until at least tomorrow evening. I thought I might go for a bit of a gentle stroll this evening after work just to see how it went. At lunchtime I needed to post my niece's birthday card so I took a short walk, 200 yards there and 200 back, to the post office. By the time I returned my ankle wasn't too bad but my knee on the same leg was really hurting. It doesn't seem to have got any better during the day and now I'm worried this is really going to put me back. I haven't done anything like twist or wrench my ankle or knee, nor have I fallen over. I am eager to get on but realise the necessity of resting until my ankle and knee improve. Oh well I suppose I will have to be patient and perhaps repeat a couple of runs if I need to.

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oh, that is not good news, I can understand the frustration.

I had 10 days off recently for a heavy cold and a broken little toe, so I know how it feels to not be able to run. My biggest fear was that I would lose condition, but actually my first run back was surprisingly good. I think the rest had really done me a lot of good and I spent my time reading about running and planning what I'll do in the future, like 5K race for life first (done last week), then perhaps parkruns, then perhaps 10k next year, plus I did some naughty online shopping for winter running gear. The time passed quite quickly and I didn't lose condition in such a short time.

Hopefully you won't have to lay up for 10 days, but I'd definitely rest for a few days and then perhaps just go for an exploratory run first time out - if you happen to run for long enough for it to count as part of the programme, then great, but if not, you will have an idea of where you are and what you should do to ensure you don't create further injury - listen to your body!

Good luck, be better soon!


Know exactly how you feel, same position, sore ankle last week, recon it will be two weeks out before I can run again. Also it is causing other parts of my legs to hurt. :-(


Still painful today but hoping that by Saturday I can at least do a short run. It's so frustrating because I was really starting to get into it. Never thought I could be a runner but was just starting to think that maybe I could be. Determined not to get too demotivated.


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