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Not for the faint-hearted!

Yesterday there was a running event where I live - the Richmond Castle 10k. It's very challenging with 3 serious hills to negotiate! Went down to see them do the first big hill. There were loads of runners converging on the market place, I kind of wished I was doing it but no way could I tackle a run like that just yet. It was brilliant seeing everyone setting off up the hill, there were over 500 runners if the numbers on their tops were anything to go by!

It was a lovely sunlit Autumn morning for them, quite cool so nice for running.I am full of admiration for everyone that took part - and couldn't believe the first one back took only 33:51!!!!

Something for me to aim for........I mean, just entering the race, not sprinting it, lol!

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What? 33.51 for 10k? I'm doing well if I do 5k in that time! I wonder if any of them started with C25k? I could only dream of getting to 10k, not sure that I really want to! :)


Yikes - that's about twice as fast as me... :O

Not sure I want to either, Oona, I'm actually quite happy doing my half hour and getting to about 5K. A better aim for me might be 'get to 5K in 30 mins and feel great all the time I'm doing it'... Not quite there yet! :-)


That is exactly my aim too, Mitts! Don't really want to commit the time to working up to 10k (as well as the effort!).


I'm with you there, I enjoy doing my 30 - 40 mins and hope it'll get easier / faster / further but to be honest I can't ever see myself doing anything like the 10k. I just couldn't believe how fast they were!


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