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Post grad runs 1-3

I know I'm a bad girl, Laura would tell me off. After my graduating run on Saturday I went out for a little trot on Sunday. Well Sunday is a 'normal' run day and it was only once round the aerodrome, just a little leg stretch. (Since when did I turn into someones who's idea of a 'little leg stretch' was 2 miles!)

So Sunday being a rest day, Monday was a proper run day. After work, maths homework help (quadratic equations, it all came back to me after looking up how to do them) dinner, the gym and more maths help it was pitch black and I didn't fancy plodding up and down the road so I went and used my shiny new (second hand) treadmill for the first time. I must have set it running slower than I normally run (will try the next speed up next time) as 30 minutes went past pretty quickly (once we'd got past the bit where the belt kept seeming to slip backwards slightly).

Tuesday was a proper rest day, just work and the gym.

Which brings us to today.

Hello Laura, nice to hear your voice again, telling me to run, run now, run fast, run faster! Crikey, Speed is a bit tiring. 150 beats per minute is OK, the warm up at 155 was OK. Walking out at the brisk walk I felt like an automaton, slightly robot like, faster than normal. But 165 beats per minute, that's flat out for me! I'm pleased to say I completed it but that final 60 seconds of running was awfully hard.

Distance? 2 miles in 2 1/2 minutes walking, 16 minutes running and about 3 minutes walking. Not bad.

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