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Wk7 R1 - and I made it to 5k!!!!

Today was the first time since starting this program I didn't feel like running, but hadn't missed a day yet and wasn't going to break the promise to myself not to quit, so went.

First 5 mins was the thoughest of any run I've done, and I seriouly considered quitting several times but didn't. It was not helped by a slightly painful knee but with a knee support and some determination I got through it. Was at 4.5 km by the time Laura called time, but I felt ok and could see the 5km marker so went for it and completed 5k in 27m47s. Amazed and very proud of my efforts.

Think I may rest 3 days this time to make sure knee is ok as don't want to risk a real injury and determined to make it through to the regular 30 minute runs. May reward myself with a cup of tea and a twix now !!!!

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Well done you! I think you thoroughly deserve a Twix and cuppa :-)


Hear, hear! You really have done well and are well set up for 5k in 28 mins or even lessa!. My W7R1 got me to 4.41k but I couldn't have run any further. W6R3 and W7R2 were identical 4.26k, interestingly enough. You are set for a 5k in 'Laura time'. Will see how I do tomorrow on W7R3. Good luck chusan51.


Fantastic times I can only aspire to at the moment! I managed 5.35km last night in 37 mins so I'm getting there! I've just read that back and suddenly realised how far I (and the rest of us) have come! Nine weeks ago I was struggling through 1 and 2 minute runs! More power to our legs! Btw I've started taking 2 days rest on a regular basis as I don't want to lose any more weight (can't believe I just said that as well!).


Well done chusan thats a great time! Enjoy your rest days and good luck for R2!


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