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Week 8 interrupted!

After struggling through week 7 as I had a stomach bug, I managed week 8 run 1 a little better but could feel a cold starting. It has now developed into a horrible head cold, I ache and I feel it heading towards my chest. Decided not to run today, then changed my mind .... then changed it again etc. With only 5 runs to go I really don't want to get too far behind but don't want to make myself worse either. Enjoying reading of everyone's progress on here but it's making me jealous! It's such a nice day here too. Think I'll go to the gym for some light exercise this afternoon and take it from there.

Happy running everyone.

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That's the right attitude, but I bet you are better sooner than would be before you became a runner.

It seems like Christmas waiting for those last few runs, but then they go in such a blur.

Get well soon.


Agggh this is exactly how I feel! I'm dosed with the cold and haven't ran in 8 DAYS. My last run was W9R1 - I'm sooooo close and trying to be sensible with the resting and recuperating but it's so difficult! I'm getting jealous of everyone else who is "overtaking" me and graduating on the blogs and I want to be out there too!

But, health does come first and I keep telling myself that running is now a big part of my life which I intend to continue long after I finish week 9, so I shouldn't get too hung up on the ins and outs of graduating this week. I don't feel well enough to run yet, but as with you, the weather is beautiful here and I can hear my running shoes calling to me!

I hope you get well soon rosn123, take care of yourself and we'll both be graduated in no time!


Try to rest for a day or two...I know you are close but you don't want to end up over doing it either. If you do choose to go, try to relax and slow down a bit. Wishing you well!!!!


Thanks all. Went to the gym with the intention of doing some light exercise. Thought I'd have a go on the treadmill to see how it went and ended up doing my week 8 run 2 - 28 minutes running. Thought it better trying on there than running outside and getting stuck somewhere if I couldn't do it. Took it quite slow though and apart from a little light-headed felt okay. Then had a leisurely stroll home by the Thames to get some fresh air. Feel a lot better now and hopefully there will be no ill effects tomorrow.


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