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Habit forming


It went OK this morning, though I'm going to have to look for a new route as I generally just run along a road then turn round and come back. But with the intervals stopping, there's a hill I dont really fancy trying to run up (yet), and I usually try to time my run so I walk up it.

I remember reading somewhere that it takes about 6 weeks to form a habit, so I'm hoping running is becoming a habit for me. I do often think about it, and often have an urge to go out on rest days. This morning I really had to talk myself into going out in the cold and dark though. I have a disrupted work schedule for the next month, but fingers crossed I can keep my habit up.

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Well done Slater! I think it has become a habit already otherwise you wouldnt have gone out in the cold and dark - I know I certainly wouldnt! Yet here we are, at week 6 with 17 runs beneath our belt and still going!

Did my W6R2 last night, also in the cold and dark, and it went ok but will be leaving it until Saturday to do R3 where I can enjoy the scenery for 25 mins rather than just the dark outline of shapes.... Good luck!


Wow 17 runs done! Had never thought about that. It's definitely something we can all be proud of!


Well done Slater! I just read last night when researching what to do after graduation that behavior changes can take up to 12 weeks. :-( I really hope not!!!! It is neat you are finding the desire to run even on rest days. You are doing great!


Well....if it is 12 weeks, I'm half way there :-)


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