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So jealous of you all

I haven't been able to run for weeks now. I was on holiday and I did take my stuff with me but it was too hot to do anything but drink cocktails. When I came back I had an operarion on my shoulder and 30 stitches but thought only 10 days and I'll get back to it :-) Stitches out last Friday morning and the wound split open in the afternoon so now having it packed and dressed twice a week :-( Doc says 4-6 weeks recovery now and I have cabin fever and itchy feet. Can't wait to get back to it. There is a 5k santa dash locally in the middle of November and I am entered for that so I will need to get back in training soon.

You are all soooooooooooooo lucky

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That's terrible, are you OK to walk to keep up your stamina and at least get some fresh air?


I am and the dog is thankfull :-) That is my only saving grace but I miss the runs the dog and I usually do. Hopefully the packing will be out next week and I can at least get some short runs in. xx


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