Can this be true??? Only one more run???

I am happy to report that W9R2 went without excitement for Gayle and I tonight!!

Her knee held up very well and she was even to shave an amazing 30 seconds off of her mile pace!! For me, well, I am consistent!! As usual, my R2 was a bit slower...let's just say those 30 seconds that Gayle took off of her time...she owes me, because I was kind enough to add them to my time!! :-) The things that I do for that woman!! :-)

Now, again I ask...could this be true?? Only one more run to our graduation?? How can this be?? Only 9 weeks ago we struggled to run for a single minute and now we can run for 30?? Is this true or has the lack of oxygen to my brain overcome my own good sense?? :-)


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20 Replies

  • Wow you're both doing so well. One more run and you'll get that shiny green badge!! Well done on a great run to you both :)

  • Well done and good luck for your graduation run :)

  • Lovely! Best of luck for your run 3 - it must be great to do it together like that. And you can celebrate together knowing exactly what the other is feeling too, wonderful!

  • Thanks, Suki!! It is fantastic to get to run together and support each other!! I know that it has made this program much more sustainable for me!! I wouldn't have done it without her!!

  • Brilliant progress guys, well done. Good luck with your final run.

  • Brilliant! Well done, you two! So pleased Gayle's knee was OK. Next run: graduation!

    Btw, my husband's started C25k, he's on W4 but we haven't run together yet as he runs in his work lunchtimes. I have a sneaky feeling he is much faster than me but it'll be great when we can go out running together. Don't hold out much hope of our 13 year old lad joining s though.....

  • Thanks, Soozz!! I was very relieved to see Gayle's knee holding up so well!!

    It is wonderful that your husband is running the program now, also!! No need to worry about the difference in pace. If he is faster, he can run ahead and then double back for some chit chat with you! Gayle and I do it that way and it works wonderfully!! Give him our best!!

    We have a 13 year old, also! She went with us on1 run during the second week. Now, when she hears that we are going for a run, she quickly disappears!! :-)

  • congratulations, that is great!! I competed run 2 of week 8 last night and like you, cannot believe I did it!

  • Very well done to both of you. So glad Gayle's knee held out! I know what's she's like and was worried she'd do it anyway even if she was in agony. How kind of you to let her have those seconds ahem, you are so kind let me tell you! Who needs flowers, eh? What are you going to do when you graduate? I hope you stick around to let us know how you are getting on. I'll miss your little romantic stories of running together.

  • Thank you so much, Pelepahant!! I am quite sure that we will be sticking around even after we have finished!! We have found you "blokes" "across the pond" to be quite delightful and "spot on" with your advice and inspiration!! We are quite "chuffed" with you!! :-)

    I have never considered our stories of aches, pains and sharing ice packs as being very "romantic," but I am glad that you have enjoyed them!! Keep Running!!

  • I must apologize...In my desire to post as many English words and phrases as possible, my lovely wife informed me that "blokes" may not be an endearing term. I thought it was used like we Americans use the term "Dude." If I offended anyone, I truly apologize. :-(

  • I am so glad to hear it! Well done you two. It is so nice that you run together. It must really help to have that support. Graduation here you come!

  • Anna, if by support you mean someone to share an ice pack, a knee brace and ointment with, then you are right on the money!! :-) Graduation will be that much better when you are celebrating right alongside Gayle and I!!

  • Well done both of you!

  • Good luck! The green badge is nearly yours! :-)

  • Woot-woot!!!! :-) I am so very proud of you sweetie!!!! I am so happy we have shared this journey together! You are a great hubby and a fantastic coach! Don't tell Laura I said that! ;-) Thank you very much for lending me the extra seconds, as pelephant pointed out, a few seconds gained a run is worth so much more then some silly flowers. ;-) See ya on the track for our grad run! :-) :-)

  • Absolutely fantastic to see that Gayle's knee held out and you managed to complete your run.

    Only one more to graduation... what's in store post graduation for you two?

    Best of luck for that final run in a couple of days :)

  • Well done to you both :-)

  • Well Done to you both. Gives the newbies like me inspiration to keep plugging away and not feel "defeated" as Laura would say.

  • Glad to hear your run went well. Only one more until graduation? That's fantastic! Well done you two and thank you for being so inspiring! :-)

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