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Induction booked

After another run aborted I have decided to join the gym so I can use the treadmill in all weather. Feel a bit relunctant especially as I did all the runs outside leading up to graduation.

My aim is to now run 10km with the help of Samantha Murphy on b210k. Think I have a more realistic view of completing it if I have the treadmill to fall back on. I feel that I need to justify joining the gym as I feel guilty, silly isn't it?

Anyone else joining so they can use the treadmill. (i'd feel better if I know others are in the same boat ;) )

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joining the gym 18 months ago started me on this c25k journey as the treadmill was included in my induction & I had never used one before. cancelled gym membership a year ago when I ventured outside & even bought second hand one for home which hasnt been used for months!

my gym has lots of classes & a pool so this is why I have re-joined this time. I joined yesterday & signed up for a half marathon in 22 weeks time so need to work on that core/back strength to get me through.

if you havent used a treadmill before then set the incline to 1 or 2 to mimic being outside & try to use the set programs that include hills/inclines as they are more challenging & not as boring as just running straight.

hope you have fun at the gym!! shelley x


Yes I too have joined a gym with the thought of winter approaching. I started the programme last january and really have never minded the cold but have found the strong winds in recent weeks really hard going. The fact a brand new Pure Gym has just opened at the end of my road was extra incentive mind you.

I did my first treadmill run in about 4 years (last time I belonged to a gym) the other day and I really couldn't say I enjoyed it after running outside for the last 9 months. That said it was a pretty decent day outside and I had chosen to try my first session at the gym instead of running outside so I suspect I'll feel differently about the treadmill when it is that or a wet, cold dark- or even worse no- run outside.

What I did discover though was how weak my legs and lungs were when on other things like the bike and cross trainer. I did a fairly easy programme I used to do regularly in my past life as a regular gym goer and struggled a fair bit with it although I can now run for 10k/65 mins without too much strain at all. It reminded me of what my old gym instructor used to say "if you only run, you will only be fit for running"

So I have decided to look on the gym as "for life and not just for winter" and concentrate on doing other things there that will enhance my running- weights to strengthen my legs, and as Shelley says some major core work as I find I get backache now on my longer runs.

Don't feel bad or guilty. I think we should all be proud that we are now such dedicated runners that we are looking to the obstacles such as weather that may stop us enjoying our favourite hobby and planning in advance to overcome them rather than retreating back to the couch which I'm sure is harder to get off the second time around.


Thankyou both so much for your comments. I now feel I have definitely done the right thing & have decided rather than just use the treadmill I will make use of the other equipment. I too need to build up my core strength.

Well done shellymcb on signing up for a half marathon. Good luck on all your training/preparation. Well done to you too magicfee23 being able to run 10km.


I've only used the treadmill at the gym to do the podcasts a couple of times. I just can't seem to keep going on a treadmill. When you're 2 miles from home, keeping going is the only option, but in a gym, well, you're there! I tend to do just a 15 min run on the treadmill to warm up then spend the rest of the time on the cross trainer, bike and finish with some weights. For the longer runs I run round the countryside. However, as a fairly new graduate I'm not going to say never. When it's frosty and snowy I may well change my mind!


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