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Beginning to feel like a runner

All be it a very slow one! Finished week 6 run 2 this morning and didn't want to stop actually felt like I could run futher. This is a massive step forward as couldn't run to the car 6 weeks ago. Am having trouble with my breathing though, can't get the hang of breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth just end up panting. Looking forward to my next run on Sunday.

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I've just done wk6 run 2 and know just what you mean. I'm really getting into this, though not looking forward to run 3 week 6..!

I struggle to breathe in through my nose. I try to breathe through my nose as much as I can, but as it gets harder I feel I need to breathe through my mouth to get enough oxygen! :) Like other things I am sure this will come with time. (Patience is another thing I am working on!) Like running without thinking so much about pace, stride length, breathing, posture etc.


Great job! Good luck with R3!!! I am starting W9 and still have problems with breathing etc. True, if you can take your mind off of pace, arm position etc and let it wander, the time will go by quicker.


Congratulations, I've just done w6r2, much better than the previous run. I never have been able to breath in through my nose, mouth it has to be then.... air along with the occasional insect ;)


Have just completed wk6r3 and decided just to breath through my mouth and whilst the run was hard not panicing about whether I was breathing right did make the run go quicker!


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