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Only my second run but feeling great; thanks to advice n tips on here!

I did my first run early Monday morning, was elated, but felt sick and ached incredibly.

Two days later I was still aching but after posting out a question and taking on board comments, tips etc I went out again on Wednesday evening.

Dragging my hubby along for company and remembering to do a few stretches before I set off, this run was a definite improvement on my first. Yes, I was still aching, breathless and looking like a tomato on legs but it WAS easier.

Afterwards I stretched again, gave my legs a real good rub and after showering turned the water to cold for my legs (all tips from a question I posted)! ...Thank you.

This morning; I feel great! & I have now inspired my hubby to sign up too!

Bring on the next run...yay yay!

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CONGRATULATIONS! My hubby (smhall) is doing the plan with me also. He is quite a bit taller/younger than I am, so he runs ahead and then backtracks to me. It is so nice to have a partner to be accountable to plus they are experiencing almost everything you are. I LOVE this board for all the support, advice a motivation we receive! Only 1 more run, then bring on W2! :-) BTW: I was physically ill a few of my first runs, just try to slow it down and go easy, speed will come with time. I started not being able to finish some of my 1 minutes and am now running 28 solid minutes!


Thank you! Yes, was great to have someone alongside me and we can now encourage each other. My neighbour started Couch to 5K in April and has now just completed her first 10k, quite inspirational. I love to hear how others are doing, it's all so positive and encouraging, this board is great. WOW, 28 minutes...well done you, it does seem such a long way off for me at the moment but I will get there....Happy running.


Fantastic, DebsieB!! You are doing it!! I agree, it is an incredible help to have someone running with you!! There will be days when your runs just go incredibly well, others will be an incredible struggle!! Just getting out there to do it again for the second run is an accomplishment!! You will be amazed at how quickly your body develops and just how quickly the weeks will fly by and you will be running 28 minutes, also!! Keep Running...You are doing great!!


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