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Which Audiofuel for 10k training?

Hello, i've been running with my own music since graduating but am missing the motivational aspect of laura telling me how long I have been running for!

Can anyone recommend the best mp3s from audiofuel to buy to train up to 10k?

I was thinking either this

Or this

Has anyone bought either of the two? Do you think its worth it?

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I gave Andystev the Bridge to 10k podcasts a while back. They are all free and take you, over five weeks, up to 10k. The link to his page is here:

I have run to the Audiofuel Adrenaline Junkie 2, the Speed Pyramid Intervals 3 and the Chrissie Wellington ones on there, but they are all aimed at getting you faster not longer, so if it's endurance up to 10k you are after, you are looking at building distance first.

Hope that helps.



Thanks very much Carole! Have you got a breakdown of what each of the podcasts involve?


Oooh, now you're asking.

As far as I can remember, (this was last Nov!) It's similar to the C25k in that week one to four you run three times, right up to week 5 which has three different runs. Week one starts with a five minute warm up, then four intervals of ten minutes with one minute walks between, and five min cool down.

Gradually the run intervals build up until by week 5r3 you are running for two sessions of thirty minutes with a one minute walk between. After that you go back to your own music and join up the two sessions for the full hour, or 10k whichever comes first.

Hope that helps!



Thanks Carol. I actually went and bought one of the audiofuel mp3s in the end. Its was the 40min long Roller Coaster Timed Session. I ran for 40mins and found it really easy so I think the Bridge to 10k podcasts might be a bit too easy for me. I know the first one starts off at 4x10 min runs with a run in between.

The very nice people at audiofuel (Great customer service btw!) sent me a copy of a harder session when I emailed them that I found the first one too easy. Not their fault, I just wasnt sure what bpm range I was running at.

So my plan now is to start week 5 of the BUPA 10k programme this weekend and to buy a few more mp3s form audiofuel!


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