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Poorly ankle

Im on Week 9 and on holiday! Yesterday we took the dogs on a six mile walk along the Cornish coast path and I turned over on my ankle. I didnt think much of it, even though it was quite painful. This morning I set out to do W9R1 and only managed 19 minutes as I felt I was running on empty and my ankle really hurt. By tonight it's nearly twice the size of the other one. With six dogs complete rest is out of the question, so I was thinking about getting an ankle support. I know a lot of people use supports for their ankles and knees and wondered if there are any that people would really recommend - or not??

I was really hoping to graduate on Friday. First the weather and unfamiliar terrain meant that I couldn't run outside yesterday and now this ankle problem, looks like graduation is getting further away instead of closer :-(

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Sounds like you need to RICE it - rest, ice, compression, elevation - google it for tips. When I tore ligaments the physio recommended keeping moving (gently)- but you must keep your form and not limp/go wonky!

If you see a bruise round your ankle, you've torn something - hence the bleeding. As a returning runner, I know injury is a nightmare, but it's only a set back, not the end


So sorry to read you may need to postpone your graduation run. Sending healing thoughts your way.


I bought a really expensive ankle support and it was nearly as uncomfortable as my ankle! I've found the normal tubular bandage to be more comfortable to wear throughout the day, giving adequate support.

So sorry you have suffered this setback just before your graduation run, that's rotten luck!


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