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Change of plan...........and very impatient

Although Wednesday's run went well and my intention was to start week 9 with a parkrun. There's been a change of plan.

My knee felt no more niggly than usual after Wednesday's run, but usually all's well the next day, but not this time. Although I'm not in severe pain and I'm not limping, it's bothering me when walking. I resorted to a knee support for most of yesterday, which relieved it a little. I don't think this is my usual "old knee Protesting", I think I've strained the muscle on the inner side of my knee. Last night I made the decision to postpone W9R1 until Monday.

So I'm feeling very impatient to get out and finish week 9.

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Hopefully the added rest day will help. You are so close!!! Congratulations to you for all of your progress, you will get there!!!!!


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