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How worried should i be?

I graduated 2 weeks ago and then went of on holiday the following day. Because we've been so busy i haven't managed to get out for a run since!!! We were quite active while we were away walking, putting tents up/down frisbee on the beach etc but im terrified im going to be back to square 1. I'm going out for a run tomorrow morning, is there anyone out there who has been in the same situation? Should i be expecting the worst? Or am i worrying about nothing?


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You might have lost a little bit of fitness in two weeks but you definitely won't be back to square 1. Why not just put on the w9 podcast and see how it goes? If you don't quite make the 30 mins then you have something to work towards. If it's fine then you can check out the stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts (be warned - stamina is a pig!) on C25K+. Just being out there you are STILL lapping everyone on the couch! :-)


you certainly won't need to go back to the beginning- I bet you could get straight back to it. Go slowly and focus on getting through the podcast at whatever speed you need, even if it feels slower than it did before. It's all about keeping going for 30 minutes :) Good luck and happy running


You wont have lost fitness so soon, especially having been active in the meantime, have faith!

I had to take a 4 week break in June/July due to a chest infection and just went out one evening on a nice flat route, one that usually takes half an hour. I didnt take an ipod or my watch and I just enjoyed myself and ended up doing 45 mins, with one short pause whilst I waited for my dog to find me!


Thankyou, i feel much more confident now. I'm going to go out tomorrow morning and just try for a full 30 minutes and enjoy it. If im a bit slower than i was then so be it (o:


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