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ipod battery - a cautionary tale!

All ready for Week 5 run 3, and I'd waited deliberately for a quiet, cool time of the day. I'd had a good night's sleep. I figured I had set myself up for the optimum chance of achieving this milestone.... But I'd forgotten to check the battery level on my ipod. I just got to the point where Laura congratulates you on having done ten minutes, and the whole thing went quiet, then phuttt... It was completely disorientating. I spent about a minute standing in the gutter, trying to get the thing to work, then panicked because I realised I'd stopped running. Without a watch or any natural sense of timing, I ran on, but realised quickly that without the music (albeit some of it pretty daft) pumping in my ears, all I could hear was my own boring breathing and the sound of my feet. It sounded much more laboured than when I normally run with the podcast and rather unpleasant. I ran for what I think may have been ten more minutes, trying to retrace my route, but it was pretty dull. And at the end, I realised I felt completely flat because I didn't have Laura congratulating me, nor did I know whether I had really done the full 20 minutes. Then I realised how clever (for me, at least) the podcast thing is - if I listen to the music and Laura's instructions, I don't think, fret or listen to myself breathe - I just get on with it and the time somehow passes. Armed with this knowledge I made sure I went out this morning with a fully charged ipod -- and can proudly and genuinely confirm that WEEK 5 RUN 3 is now, officially, history !

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Thank you for the warning! I checked my ipod while getting the kids ready for school, and decided to put it on to charge until I was ready to go. Then I nearly forgot my earphones!


Oh, dear! I know what you mean about hearing your own breathing and the thump of your feet - I would much rather listen to Laura or my own music. And congratulations on doing it again - on to Week 6 :)


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