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W7 and a slight departure from C25K plan

Did W7 R1-2 at the beginning of the week and both times have had to slow to a walk for a few seconds about half way through due to my current breathing difficulties caused by a thyroid problem.

My breathing is still not right yesterday so decided to postpone R3 but still wanted to do a run so found a plan in a running made easy book I've had for a few years and did one of the sessions from that, jog 3 mins and walk 1 min with the aim of covering 3 miles in 40 mins.

I know it probably sounds a bit mad to aim to do that when I didn't even feel up to doing W7 R3 but I was feeling really fed up and frustrated and just wanted to feel like I was making some progress.

So that's what I did and in the end I actually ended up covering the 3 miles in 39 mins so was quite pleased, this is actually only 1.5 mins slower than my 25 min run pace so I think I must have actually gone a bit faster on the run sections which quite surprised me. Maybe interval running suits me.

Really hoping my thryoid probs settle down soon so I can get back to the plan proper. Am thinking that it might be a good idea to go back and repeat W6 to get back in the swing of things again.

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Sounds good to me - well done, and keep it up! I hope the thyroid problems settle soon.


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