Your name?

Smiling to myself at some Names we have chosen.

Mine was originally going to be SonicAttack after a Hawkwind track...but as i figured i would crash and burn doing this Run i changed it to SonicSplodge (the sound of a failed attack, in my mind)...So if its not gonna be TOO nosy how and why did you choose your Name for this group??? (this should fun and a very FULL inbox :-) )


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51 Replies

  • I've used swanscot all over the internet for about 12 years (sometimes with a hyphen). Yes, I know, that is not good for keeping my ID private, but what the heck! I've posted photos of me all over the 'net too and met so many 'net acquaintances and still not encountered the fabled 'axe murderer' who is supposedly haunting every net community. I've forgotten why I chose that in the first place.

  • Mine is the Welsh word for "Bird" followed by my year of birth.

  • One of my favourute Queen albums. That and it sounds quite intriguing in its own right!

  • My name speaks for its self, I was going to be elephant but decided I had to be more positive about my weight loss journey. ;)

  • I just happen to have very convenient initials

  • first 2 letters from my first name and surname ?

  • Got the name when I was reading the making of 'Some Like It Hot,' the song Marilyn Monroe sings, 'Running Wild!' and I love running wild in mind and body but not in the actual wild... ;)

  • When I was young it was my name plus a Hitchikers Guide reference.

    Now I am old and it's my name and my age.

  • ceefin - cee for C and the fin is for aerodynamic running

    (not really - it's just part of my surname)

  • When I joined this site I didn't have my creative head on, so mines just my name.

  • Sookie65. My mum has called my sookie for as long as I can remember and 65 year of birth... X

  • Warrior queen! She may have come a cropper in the end but on the way she kicked ass.

  • I wasn't very original so as you may have guessed my name is Ali :)

  • Mine is just my philosophy of life....cos it is isnt it! :)

  • Nearly every time I see your name I think of it as Italianadventure! Conjures up a picture of jogging through the Tuscan countryside, lol.

  • Mine is self explanatory plus my age when I embarked on this journey.

  • I make and sell glass beads (and collect them when I have the funds). Basically beady mad. And Helen was already taken as a user name.

  • Mine's because i'm an old cow !! Ermintrude from Magic roundabout

  • This is a true story...when I was doing a place up a few years ago (20 years) and cutting costs and a few corners I said to a mate of mine (replacing the carpet) "underlays underlay!) to which he replied ......arriba! arriba! and it's stuck ever since. With my new hobby it seems to fit being the new Speedy Gonzales! :-)) I have heard versions of this over the years but always wonder if I was the one that started it? Still makes me laugh now!

  • Brilliant! :-)

  • I used to play percussion in a brass band in junior school. Ali 'bongodrums' was the first of many nicknames that I have collected over the years.

  • Mines because when I read how far along everyone else was when I first joined the community I felt like I would have many days to go (actually weeks!) before I would ever be able to achieve what everyone else was doing here. A little bit weird that my icon is a man as I'm actually a lady but haven't figured out how to change that one yet!

  • Update your sure it gives option for Male/Female like the run YOU CAN DO IT!!! :-)

  • In Bagpuss the mice on the Marvelous Mechanical Mouse organ sing 'here's a pin and here's a pingle'. No idea what it means but it's always appealed.

  • Ahhh Bagpuss.. "We will fix it we will fix it we will it fix fix fix" loved the mice and Gabriel the frog...Madeline the rag Doll and that Godaweful Professor Yaffle the carved wood bookend in the shape of a woodpecker......NEVER watched it though...only heard about it....LOL :-)

  • This made me smile! :-)

  • Hezza is slang/nickname of my surname. And sticking a belle on the end just had a nice ring to it!

    See what I did there... Bell.... Ring......? ;)

    However if I'd put more thought in it, I'd have chosen "LittleLegs" as being only 4' 10" it sums up my running experiences.

  • Ha ha YES i saw what you did...Little Legs...even more funny as a mate had a dog called ShortLegs (Dachund Type Dog)...Back to legs though...are you sure you wanna run whats left of ya legs even shorter...LOL...But seriously...KEEP GOING!! Look forward to seeing Graduate after your name :-)

  • TJ because these were my initials when I was at school, and flute because I teach the flute to over a hundred children each week!

  • So you have LOADS of Puff for running then?? :-) whats The Volunteer badge for...not seen that before?

  • I came from the old NHS C25K site and I guess I was asked to be a volunteer, along with others, to help get this one up and running successfully, and to help maintain the good, friendly and supportive nature of the site. If you click on 'directory' and then 'volunteers' it will list us (there are 7 currently).

  • Cool

  • It's my nickname :) well one of them! hehe

  • ONE of to expand??

    My worst EVER nickname was Dunlop!! Seems i have full lips .... I say kissable

    but my mates gave me Dunlop (tyres) I was a teenager at the time but still got the lips.... ;-D

  • Mine's REALLY boring. My real name's Sue but all the spellings of that were taken so I was just messing about and it accepted it. When I lived in Australia everyone there called me Soozz, too. Of course now I can think of many more original / interesting names, typical.

    Love all these answers!

  • Ah, well... I'm a bit of a Professionals fan but the other two nicknames were taken :)

  • I wish i had been a bit more original - month and year of birth,

  • In memory of my old horse Rio; she was sooooo lazy!

  • Mine speaks for itself - my name plus where I live.

  • Whenever I came back from my first runs my husband would ask me how it went and I would reply... "Not bad!" Still do... :-)

  • Mine came about a few years ago, I said somthing to my friend about "being", but she heard bean and as I was having a bit of a rant at the time, I ended up tantrumbean. Have used it on quite a few websites now, but I sort of like it! :-)

  • One of my favourite films is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I used to have a photo of Frank 'n Furter on my desk, so when I was asked to create a profile name one day (for a different site, I use the name a lot!) it came from staring at the picture. It's kind of stuck now to the point where I sign cards with Frocky!!

    I still find it strange when stories of badly dressed celebs carry the name Frocky Horror in their headline!!

  • Quite boring... I live in Canada and I am a girl (woman really but I thought girl sounded better)

  • I thought I should run in order to ensure I got some weight-bearing exercise, but I'll always be happierswimming!

  • I am NOT swimming (though i do like it) until I have a Dolphin body and NOT this Sperm Whale (was a Blue Whale but I graduated) :-)

  • i needed to convice myself that i would finish........ along with my running partner icandothistoo!!

  • the name worked then...well done :-)

  • Speaks for itself really! Perhaps reflects my pessimistic nature ... but I am plodding on!

  • I think mine is also self explanatory!

  • My wife would qualify for this name too... lol

  • I honestly can't remember! An ex of mine said it one day years ago and it just stuck. It was way before this nifty gadget came out: :)

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