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First post :)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, I've been toying with the idea of starting this programme for over a about needing motivation.

But I have decided to make a change, I stopped smoking 8 weeks ago and feel better for it and have just ordered a decent pair of running shoes.

I am 36 and a mum of two and my partner of two years is in the forces, much of that time has been spent with him deployed to Afghan and now he's settled and shouldn't be going anywhere nasty any time soon.

It's about time I got myself fit. I am doing it for health reasons (I'm not getting any younger and I battered myself smoking for years) and I also need to know mentally I am doing something- feeling lazy is the worst feeling ever.

I can't wait for my shoes to arrive so I can start torturing myself :D

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Good luck and keep us up to date...


Hello there and welcome,

First and foremost well done for giving up smoking!

So nice to see you've decided to make a change. Once your shoes have arrived download the first podcast and get going! You'll be fine. Don't forget to keep us updated as to how you're getting on!


Hi REwag,

I'll second the well done for giving up smoking and don't beat yourself up about the effects it's had. I smoked for as many years (almost) as you've been alive but what's done is done, you can only change the future which is what you're doing.

I hope you enjoy the course, I'm sure you will.


Well done on taking the 1st steps. Like Chewy says this is about changing the future and you've taken the hardest step. I find this forum a wonderful place for support so make sure you come on regularly to tell us how your doing.


Hi and welcome :) I also gave up smoking (a couple of years ago) and joined this last month to get fitter (I'm on week 5 now). I can honestly say these are the 2 best things I've ever done for myself health wise! Enjoy the programme and make sure to keep blogging!


Congratulations from a previous smoker! Giving up smoking will be one of the best decisions you ever made in life as well as the decision to start this program! Looking forward to reading your blogs!


Well done you - both for stopping smoking and committing to start C25k! Decent shoes is a great start! But it's not torture! Or at least not all of it is ;-) and the good bits are amazing! With any luck you will end up as addicted as all of us here! I'm 45 and had never been fit in my life and found this programme just brilliant. I am still amazed that I can run for 30 minutes without dying. One word of warning - the blogging is addictive too! Good luck! :-)


Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I'm determined to get fit and make positive changes. My aim is to eventually feel confident enough to go out running with the other half, being in the army requires him to be fit- it doesn't come naturally to him so to see him go out jogging even when he doesn't really want to AND see the change in him once he has has made me want it for myself.

I can't wait for my shoes to arrive , I've already planned my route and have the podcast ready to go.

Any tips for a newbie on the course?

Thanks xx


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