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Did you see that pink runner this morning?

If so it was me and body showing off our fetching new long sleeved pink running top. As usual body was more eager than me to get out of the door. Come on, come on it chanted as I hoovered by the back door in my new very bright top. I'm not sure I told it, what if someone sees me? Who cares it replied you look like a real runner in this gear and you won't be cold. Well it wasn't wrong on that score. I certainly wasn't cold.

In fact it was very warm this morning which meant halfway through my warm up I was already regretting the warm running gear. Nevermind I thought we can't go home until we've done the run so off we went. I know lots of people have said the music for week 7 are not great, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. The music suited my stride/pace and I really enjoyed the run.

Although when Laura said lets go for it at the end I really didn't have anything left in the tank, sorry Laura I couldn't do it. I did however really enjoy this run. It's strange, but me and body might be starting to become one on this running stuff. Who knows I might actually becoming a real runner, WOW!!

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That's fantastic Anna, well done, I'm starting to consider whether I'm going to need a long sleeved top or windstopper before long. Keep on running!


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