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C25k+ Speed - Good and bad

Having graduated Monday (yay!) I was looking forward to trying something different. As I not especially fast I thought I would have a go at the speed podcast. Well everything that could go wrong did! First as it was pouring with rain (I love running in the rain) I decided to wear a long sleeve running top. Big mistake; as soon as I left the house the front past and the warm sector of the depression appeared ( as you can see I am a Geography Teacher!)

As a result the clouds cleared so there was almost blue sky and it became VERY hot. I hate running when it is too hot!! Then my iPod started playing up. After the 5 warm up walk I accidentally started it from the beginning. I couldn't be bothered to walk another 5 mins so I decided to jog as usual. I then started the Intervals which I found alot harder than I thought I would. Sods law whenever I had to run a fast interval there was a bloody hill. As a result I couldn't get my breath back on the slower bits so I ended up walking about 20 secs. To me this felt like cheating (which I suppose it is!) so to make amends I jogged (slowly) for an extra five mins at the end.

To all those who have not done this program before I would say it is good but hard work!! I am looking forward to having another go next week.

One other thing, I am very annoyed with Laura. She makes the claim that nearly anyone who follows the C25K program should be able to run 5k after 9 weeks. Well I can't; I can run not stop for half an hour but not 5K. This contradicts what she has said previously when she has said it is time not distance that is important :(

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I did speed for the first time tonight, I found it quite good. I have looked at the C25k+ podcasts. I think the stepping stone is designed to help get to 5k. I'm terrified of the stamina one! maybe I'll leave that one for a while.


I also tried the speed podcast with bad results. It was pouring with rain and my podcast cut out after 6 minutes - it didn't download properly. I then had to fumble while jogging to put some music on which seemed to cut out and start the same track all over again - possibly because it got wet so just ended up doing my 5k - 30 minute route with just a few intervals between posts thrown in. I think it has now downloaded properly and will try again tomorrow.


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