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speed, stamina or stepping stones -so much choice!

I downloaded all of these when they came out just about the time I graduated then listened, trying to work out whether I wanted to run at 165bpm, and for how long, or 160 bpm, ditto, or 155 bpm ditto and got really confused! I thought speed and stamina might do exactly what it says on the tin and want me to run faster for longer, but stepping stones sounded a nice, gentle start to a new regime ( you know, shades of childhood paddling in water, sunny days, quiet places-)Yeah, right! It's defeated me 4 times now as I try to increase my pace to 160bpm for the last 5 minutes.

Stamina? 160bpm for 20 minutes- don't think that's going to happen. And it didn't. Managed 15minutes because my running stride is short so I'm dancing on the spot to maintain the beat. And 165bpm for 5 minutes to finish- no waaaay. One more podcast that needs work :(

So today I tried speed.

Not bad, really not bad. Intervals, which I like and only for 60 seconds and only 6 repeats. Gotta love it! Defeated by the last couple of minutes at 155bpm but I'll get those on Monday, I promise, Laura.

I'm also trying c25k again running at my usual speed for the walking parts and at a faster pace for the running interval but I'm only on week 2 with that programme, trying 7.5kph for the jogging parts and 9kph for the running parts. I don't have Laura for those because I use an app called GetRunning which has the same weeks as Laura but I can play my own music in the background while some other woman counts down the minutes for me.

So between all these podcasts, I should be able to maintain fitness and perhaps go faster for further as the weeks go by- we'll see :)

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Hi Happierswimming, I've done all 3 now but have to say for me Speed was the best by far to get used to the faster stride and because its for just 1 minute bursts at a time its not a killer.

Keep up the good work though you sound as if you have it all under control.

Just wish we could control these spam blogs the same way!


yes i too have preferred speed, though havent yet tried stamina. i liked the intervals too. sounds like youre doing really well with it - well done you. ive found really hard to stay motivated.


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