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Ok, I think I just Graduated!!!

I did my first run of week 9 last night and I think that means I have graduated!! I don't think I heard Laura say now do this twice more so I think I am there. I can't quite believe i have done this. I now just need to up the speed so that I get the 5k in 30mins, but this is a amazing achievement as 9 weeks ago I thought I was going to die after one minute. I can't wait to see the green next to my name!!!!

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Great job! You should be very proud of yourself!


Hold on the green badge and postpone the graduation party. As I suspected I have got a couple more runs to do, but I am still amazed with my progress!


Very nearly time to order the 'been there, done that' t-shirt: completerunner-online.com/s... ;)


Well done, think you should be thinking about which colour t-shirt you'll order. Put the champagne to chill, you will get those other 2 runs done easy-peasy, you've done it already!


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