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Back on the road again

FINALLY! After more than 2 weeks resting, icing and generally tending a pulled ligament I felt fit enough to try day 2 of my third week yesterday...and managed to accomplish it without causing further injury. It was quite a feat at times, not least because we were visiting relations in Cornwall, which is rather hillier than home in Buck and my first 3 minute run coincided with the beginning of what felt like a killer hill (ok it was probably more a rolling one). By the summit my my legs were tingling with the exertion. On the plus side, my second three minute run coincided with the tacking the other half of the hill...which was downhill all the way (yippee) and was a doddle by comparision.

It felt good to be back on track at last, I had wondered if I would ever manage it and am so glad I did. Run three tomorrow all being well and then the dreaded WEEK 4 (yikes).

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well done for getting back on the programme, it's easy to fall off the wagon :)

Hope your next run is a good one :D


Thanks :-)


Chipstick thanks for sharing - you have given me confidence that I'll be able to accomplish week 3 once I recover from aggravating an existing injury! Congratulations for sticking with the program!


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