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Week 6, Run 1 - that went okay, I suppose

Not much to say, other than that went okay, I suppose.

That went okay, I suppose.

Lovely warm day, too warm? Glasses were off from the start - which means business! Sweaty business. I'm considering a sweat band, maybe a nice blue to really make my eyes pop, you know?

Furthest distance yet, including the walks of course. It's much more fun with the three minute walks, isn't it? So much easier. Anyway, after last week's mess it's good to have a nice normal run under my elasticated waist. Bring on run 2, run 3 no thanks.

The dead bird, start marker, Waldo (was he shot? Obscure reference for you), is still there! Less feathers, bones visible, urgh and he's moved a foot or so (zombie?), but remarkably fresh. New longer lasting dead bird. Now with lemon. I should submit my findings to Nature, or something.

It's a testament to Cameron's Britain, right? Back in the day the council would've been round, cleaning up your dead. If I get to week 9, I'll give Waldo a full Christian burial, or at least flick him over the fence with a stick. Actually more likely prod it a bit with a stick. Big society in action right there.


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