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W2 Done

Did r3 of w2 on thursday and was really pretty surprised how brilliant I felt afterwards. I couldn't wait to get out and start w3.

Really didn't expect to be hooked on jogging so soon.

Well this morning I did r1 of w3 and again it felt great and I can't wait to go out again.Am really amazed.

Have already started to try and follow laura's advice re breathing, although I don't necessarily follow her exact advice I am breathing a lot better than I ever have before when I 've tried jogging.

Considering how apprehensive I was about w3 just a few days ago I am quite amazed at how much I'm enjoying it.

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Well done, I'm quite apprehensive about starting W3, got R3 of WK2 to do on Monday,read your blog with interest ! Hope I come out feeling the same way as you do. These blogs are really helpful, good to see other people feeling the same way as me. Thanks


No problem Linz. Good luck for future runs, I'm sure your'll be absolutely fine. If I can do it anyone can.


Well done Sam and Linz! I did W2R3 last night, and I'm gearing myself up for W3R1 tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about the rest of the programme as longer running times still seem a bit daunting at the moment. But I'm looking forward to getting those golden 3 minutes under my belt. Good luck to you!


I know what you mean about the thought of longer runs. After feeling so apprehensive about w3 and feeling so good after r1, I've decided to just put my trust in the program. Do the runs, listen to any advice Laura may give and try and put it into practice and hopefully everything will be ok.

Good luck with future runs.


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