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Week 6 - I need to take the plunge

So....I've got to week 6 run 2.....and I'm stuck there, I did attempt run 3 the day before I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago and failed miserably, so since then I've just been repeating run 2 over and over and over again. I feel that I am at least still exercising but now feel that I may just have got too comfy in week 6 run 2 and I'm scared to attempt the 3rd run. I need some motivation/advice/words of wisdom.

Thanks Jx

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I'd probably say just get out here and take it slowly, because you can do it, but if you really have a mental block, then why not go back to week 5, because you know you can do 20 mins and just work back up from w5r1, the intervals may give you a better feeling and a bigger build up intervals wise to w6r3. Good luck :-)


Thanks, I am going to give run 3 another shot tomorrow and see how I go, I guess I feel like going back to week 5 is a backwards step (and I don't know if I could handle week 6 run 1 ever again!!!). I think I can do it, I just have a hang up about it because the last time I attempted run 3 it was a disaster. I'll keep you posted and thanks :)


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