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Pain in the lower leg

I need some reassurance from fellow runners! Loving this running programme but have an ongoing niggle. Practically right from the start of this plan my lower calves have been feeling tight and achey. The left leg is now fine, but I'm still experiencing an ache/tightness in the right leg. I took some advice and had a sports massage on both legs yesterday, and OMG did it hurt!! I completed W6 R2 this morning and again, a little pain to start with and then it went completely. Is this normal to still be feeling an ache in the legs at this far on in the programme? I'm getting a little concerned as although my fitness has improved dramatically and I'm capable of running for longer I fear if this pain does not go away it may prevent me from running longer distances. (I also ride (horses), and it's affecting my lower leg position and foot in the iron etc).

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Sports massage is an experience isn't it! I have to say I would have had a day's rest after that its more tiring than a run.

Not sure how high this rates on your ouchometer but personally I always have some sort of lower leg or foot niggle and the muscles at the bottom end of my calf at the back (the soleus) is a pretty regular contender. I struggle to get this strong enough. I just keep stretching and loosening it and strengthening it (you know those exercises where you stand on the edge of a step on your toes and slowly sink down and press upon to your tippy toes). If two legged is easy then do them on one foot alternating reps on each side. Just keep doing it as part of your weekly routine.

Just one of those many stamina and strength issues running finds out I suspect to which there is no magic bullet just a bit more work :-)

If it really really hurts though that's another matter.


Hi, and thanks for your reply. Yes, hmm, won't be rushing to have a sports massage for a while !!! You are so right, my muscle that's causing me agro is the soleus. It's a comforting fact to know you too have niggles in that area. Do you stretch out after every run? Maybe I need to pay more attention to my stretching and work on making this area of my legs stronger. Congrats on being a Graduate! How often/far do you run now? Thanks again :-)


I am about a year on from graduation now still running 3 times a week on average prob about 35 - 40 k in total, so unfortunately I guess that means the niggles might continue !

it is interesting though you do learn a lot about your body along the way, there is so much more than just the lungs it really finds all those weak points in your chain :-)

if you watch the elites (like Mo) train huge amounts of it is core strengthening and general strenghtj work.

This was supposed up be a simple game :-D


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