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Should I continue where I left off?

I was on W5R3 last week, but was so busy this week haven't had time to go on a run in 8 days. Should I continue with the next run or go back one or two?

Also when everyone is talkin about Podcasts by Laura, how did you get these, and what are they? are they music, her talking?

I have no music on my phone so usually just listen to the radio when im running, should I get the podcast?


Emma :)

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NHS Couch 25K (Couch to 5K) is free to down load from ITunes.


Sorry for abrupt reply internet connection playing up (again)I would give the next run a try, if you have been busy and active in the past 8 days. If you have been unwell or inactive it may be better to repeat the last run (just one of them though) and see how you get on. Good luck.


week 6 is a pretty good one to do after a break like yours because it's intervals again. Make sure the walking is brisk enough to be just short of a trot and then your run has to be just a little bit faster and you should get through the week OK. It's a good idea to download the podcasts and then you don't have to worry about timing your intervals yourself- Laura will give you instructtions and help :)


ah no, I have Laura telling me "start running/walk" etc, I just thought there was more to the podcasts the way some people talk about it.

I chickened out, I went back and just repeated W5R3, was ok, got quite breathless, but will o onto W6 on Sun. :) thanks people x


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