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Couch 25K Plus. Speed. But it was slow!

I did the Speed C25Kplus on Wednesday. But I was very confused. To start with the walking speed was considerably slower than I normally do. Then the slow running speed was also slower than my normal. When we got to the fast rate I felt more comfortable (but don't know how long I could have kept it up). At the end I felt like I had had an easy session.

This is supposed to be speeding me up not slowing me down. And I am not a fast runner. I am a very slow jogger - barely do 2 miles in 30 minutes, so shuffle along with short fast steps.

Maybe this is designed for people with long legs .Mine are very short. ;p

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lol. short legs, i thought as i was doing it, this is how life is for short people..... You can increase speed while still maintaining the same beats per minute by increasing your stride, should give you the workout you want..


Yeah, trying to run, breathe, count, all while taking giant steps! Lol :D

I take your point though.


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