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Completed week 6 but struggled on run3-and not much weight loss :-(

So completed Week 6 run 3 yesterday and was a major struggle whereas last Sunday the week 5 20 minute runs wasn't too bad. Does the 25 minutes get easier in week 7?

And has anyone else found that they are not loosing much weight? I've been eating healthly (a couple of bad days this week but very good on the whole) but I've barely lost anything and I've gone from no excercise to 3 times a week!? Why arn't I loosing weight!??? :-(

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You have to remember that if you are working out (especially running) that you are going to be building muscle... Muscle weighs a lot heavier than fat, I have been finding this a problem with my weight loss as well, but at the end of the day you are getting yourself fitter and healthier. Don't forget to measure your inches as well, even if you don't lose weight, you could be losing inches!

With the runs, don't get disheartened about it being a struggle, it will get easier with time and more enjoyable. Keep in mind how far you have come and what you have accomplished in the last few weeks... That keep me going and I'm 3 runs away from graduation now and couldn't be more proud with my progress!

Keep your chin up and stay positive! :)


aah thanks! I am proud that I've managed to do all the runs, when I could barely run a minute at the beginning but I was getting disheartened at the lack of weight loss. I think I will start measuring myself from now on :-)


I understand the weight frustration, I've not lost anything really since I started, but I havn't put anything on, which I think is great, also I think my belly is less round (I wont say flatter) I believe that weight loss may come easier in the later weeks and after graduation when i'm running the sessions instead of the walking, but I'll have to wait and see. But either way it great isn't It, this running? :-)


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