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Completed week 6 but struggled on run3-and not much weight loss :-(

So completed Week 6 run 3 yesterday and was a major struggle whereas last Sunday the week 5 20 minute runs wasn't too bad. Does the 25 minutes get easier in week 7?

And has anyone else found that they are not loosing much weight? I've been eating healthly (a couple of bad days this week but very good on the whole) but I've barely lost anything and I've gone from no excercise to 3 times a week!? Why arn't I loosing weight!??? :-(

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I finished run 3 yesterday too and like you struggled a lot :( I look forward to reading replies regarding week 7. Weight wise, are you drinking enough water? and following the general rule of having 45-65% of your calories from carbs, 20-30% from fat and 15-25% protein? Are your portion sizes in control? If you consume less calories and exercise more, weight will fall off.


Well I drink constantly throughout the day and have mainly been eating cereal in the morning soup for lunch fruit for snacks or an occasional egg and tomato baguette from pret at mid morning snack if I'm starving and then carb free dinner so either chicken and veg or sald with a boiled egg or ham etc so I definatley haven't been eating over my calories as I track them on myfitnesspal app. I have had a couple of days this week when I went out and ate bad stuff but even the weeks I've been really good I've only lost 0.3kg and this week I've put that back on. So I don't know-last year I lost a stone and a half just putting my calories into myfitnesspal and very occasionally exercising, so this time I thought the weight would fall off me!???


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