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bad run + animal spotting

What is it with me and the longer runs??? Aaaarrgghhh!!! Stupid 20 minutes...

I went out after a heavy rain and the sky was a beautiful eerie yellow. I thought this would be relatively "easy" today because of the nice temperature, me feeling good etc. Well, no. I ran for maybe 8 minutes and then walked for two. Then ran again and stopped after approx. another 4 minutes. Walked to the 15min-mark. Ran for a minute, walked home. Crap! I was so annoyed. I don't know what to do! When I think everything is good (mood, temperature, weather) and the run will be good: I fail! I don't know what should be different or better for me to finally succeed again!

Even if I intended to write a happy "I did it!"-post today, I'll redo the run next week. I did this (and more!) already? Why not again? :(

But hey, on the upside, I saw a stork sitting on the churchtower. A freaking stork in the middle of my village. Not with a nest or anything, just the stork standing there and looking as if it wanted to say "What are you people looking at? I'm just standing here enjoying the view. What's there to look at?". And the rainbow was pretty too. Scenery-wise a good run ;)

(No picture as I ran only with my mp3-player this time instead of - like usually - with my phone. damn)

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Are you setting off too quickly simply because you feel good, perhaps ? It would be an easy thing to do when are filled with enthusiasm.

Try setting off a lot more slowly than you feel you need to. It may feel frustrating but if you still have excess energy when you get close to the end, you can treat yourself to a "sprint" finish (like wot the Olympians do!) I always tried to pace myself so I could do a "quick" bit at the end, even if it was only for 30 seconds - it feels great when you do that (even if it hurts).

The wildlife and scenery sounds great - it's just another benefit of running!


I think you're right. At the start of the programme I was very conciously slowing down. I seem to have forgotten to do that. I will try to keep that in mind next time and hopefully manage the 20 minutes. Even if it seems more like a mental thing. But maybe it's both.


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