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Signed up for my first half marathon and now I'm thinking "What the heckers did i do that for?"

Yes, we all know it... that rush we get after an awesome run... Well I let mine get me all carried away and signed up online for a half marathon! Admittedly i had just run 18k so the rush was pretty substantial, and while i know i can do the 21k the sheer logistics of fitting in so much training is just daunting.

I work full time as a teacher and am a mum of three gorgeous girls so you can imagine the hectic days/evenings i have even without so much running. So I've taken to running at odd times... straight after school for an hour... after 9pm at night... really early on weekends... list goes on.

Ahh well onward and upward...

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Excellent well done!

When is it?

There are a few of us with one in September.


I am doing the blackmores half on the 16th across the Sydney Harbour bridge... Finishes at the opera house. An iconic first for me!


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